Warrant Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers and men who proceed to Leeuwarden, 18-10-1918

Rank Surname First Name Regiment Regt. No. Remarks
Sergeant King J.H. Royal Canadian Artillery 218032  
Sergeant Vaughan J.H. 4th Dragoon Guards 3466  
Corporal McMasters D. Royal Air Force 1840  
Corporal Hayden W. Royal Garrison Artillery 622  
Bombardier Watte W. Royal Field Artillery 72581  
Bombardier Grogan Frank Royal Field Artillery 68904  
Bombardier Hurcombe G. Royal Field Artillery 50857  
Lance Corporal Dicksen A. Honourable Artillery Company 6842  
Bombardier Green F. Royal Field Artillery 75317  
Corporal Brock F. (Frederick C.?) 1st Life Guards 4251  
Lance Corporal Price I. 2nd Life Guards 6526  
Sapper Womack (?) A. Royal Engineers 15649  
Private Wright C.W. 5th Lancers 6193  
Private Barnard J. 18th Hussars 6321  
Private Asher A. 12th Lancers 765  
Corporal Overall P. Royal Engineers 1433  
Corporal McDicken W. Royal Engineers 79440  
Sergeant Atwater S Royal Air Force 2202  
Sergeant Forest A. Royal Scots 15366  
Corporal Reid Robert Royal Scots 13734  
Lance Corporal McDonald Donald Royal scots 15148  
Corporal Johnston Edward Royal Scots Fusiliers 6568  
Corporal Varley Thomas Royal Scots Fusiliers 9066  
Private Thompson Thomas Royal Scots Fusiliers 9665  
Corporal Cullen John King’s Own Scottish Borderers 9820  
Private McCulloch J. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 9556  
Lance Corporal McLauchlin James Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 7038  
Lance Corporal Nugent Allan Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 10211  
Company Sergeant Major Bell Isaac Gordon Highlanders 7620  
Private Nugent William Gordon Highlanders 4976  
Private Reid J. Cameron Highlanders 5945  
Private Gibson W. Highland Light Infantry 332305  
Private Nicholson William Highland Light Infantry 8980  
Private Patterson Henry J. Highland Light Infantry 11014  
Corporal Maxwell R. Scots Rifles 9743  
Private Gaines William Royal East Kent Regiment (Buffs) 18849  
Private Harris T.? F.H.? Royal East Kent Regiment (Buffs) 10412  
Private Bullough James King’s Own Royal Lancaster 8617  
Private Burgess Jao Alfred King’s Own Royal Lancaster 16581  
Private Ward William (?) King’s Own Royal Lancaster 6560  
Lance Corporal Baldock J. Royal East Kent Regiment (Buffs) 8376  
Sergeant James George Coldstream Guards 5816  
Lance Corporal Radford L. Coldstream Guards 5026  
Private Munday Charles George Matthew Coldstream Guards 4407  
Lance Corporal Call J. Scots Guards 5032  
Lance Corporal Johnston James Scots Guards 7302  
Private McAuley H. Irish Guards 7377  
Sergeant Daniels T. Royal Welch Fusiliers 28668  
Private Griffiths John Royal Welch Fusiliers 11001  
Corporal Thomas H. Royal Welch Fusiliers 6367  
Private Cassedy J. George (?) Royal Welch Fusiliers 8347  
Corporal Monnington Frank Gordon Manchester Regiment 7030  
Corporal Toft Harry Drabwell Manchester Regiment 7159  
Private Whitworth John E. Manchester Regiment 9943  
Private Devlin John Durham Light Infantry 8027  
Sergeant Richardson J. Durham Light Infantry 10423  
Lance Corporal Nicholls T. Dorset 7302  
Corporal Grimmade   Suffolk Regiment 3336  
Sergeant Dreuten F. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 7750  
Corporal Frederick Backler Suffolk Regiment 8080  
Sergeant Wigley L. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 8272  
Corporal Elleston H. Suffolk Regiment 8185  
Sergeant Crabb C. Suffolk Regiment 5913  
Sergeant Brooks   Suffolk Regiment 5824  
Sergeant Leach Edward Suffolk Regiment 8025  
Corporal Gates E. Suffolk Regiment 8220  
Lance Corporal Ouirk (Quirk?) F. South Lancashire Regiment 1125  
Corporal Middleditch R. Suffolk Regiment 8106  
Corporal Cole E. (Richard?) Suffolk Regiment 8145  
Corporal Boulby George King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 9138  
Corporal Thacker W. (Wilfrid?) South Lancashire Regiment 9447  
Sergeant Kelly E. Cheshire Regiment 7508  
Sergeant Bridger F. Cheshire Regiment 9285  
Sergeant Barrow E. Cheshire Regiment 9286  
Sergeant Lucas J. Cheshire Regiment 9780  
Corporal Crooks W. Cheshire Regiment 10065  
Sergeant McWhinney J. Middlesex Regiment 9116  
Sergeant Salmond W. Middlesex Regiment 6995  
Corporal Durr   South Lancashire Regiment ??  
Private Sidebottom G. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 4900  
Corporal Tuney Thomas King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 8857  
Lance Corporal Wakeling Frank Middlesex Regiment 13061  
Corporal Young Thomas Suffolk Regiment 20862  
Lance Sergeant Spencer C. Suffolk Regiment 8252  
Sergeant Blanks Harry Suffolk Regiment 4766  
Private Harden F. Middlesex Regiment 8530  
Private McCulloch J. South Lancashire Regiment 7226 Tailor
Private Moore Robert B. Middlesex Regiment 11890  
Private Suckling S. South Lancashire Regiment 8793  
Private Gregg E. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 6566  
Company Sergeant Major Hutchings   Royal West Kent Regiment 8024  
Lance Corporal Stewart George W. Royal West Kent Regiment 7907  
Lance Corporal Farbridge (Fairbridge?) H. Royal West Kent Regiment 7712  
Corporal Davies T. Queen’s Regiment 6335  
Private Counsell Charles Reginald Queen’s Regiment 10449  
Sergeant Roscoe J. Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1958  
Sergeant Hardman J. Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1652  
Sergeant Doran David Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 6511  
Private Taylor William Allen Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 10584  
Private May William Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 10797  
Private Cross H. Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1708  
Lance Corporal Partridge R. Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry 4708  
Private Dye T. (Walter ?) Royal Fusiliers 10089  
Corporal Hinds H. Royal Fusiliers 10345  
Corporal McKenzie Samuel Royal Fusiliers 412  
Lance Sergeant Bird Francis E. Royal Fusiliers 7076  
Sergeant Chivers J. Northants 14234  
Sergeant Newman Thomas Henry Northants 10669  
Corporal Jones A. Sherwood Foresters 1221  
Private Ashmore W. Sherwood Foresters 10013  
Corporal Newton C. Sherwood Foresters 23617  
Corporal Mason W. West Yorkshire Regiment 14978  
Lance Corporal Carbett G. West Yorkshire Regiment 14689  
Private Harland Alfred Northumberland Fusiliers 2984  
Private Lazenby C. Northumberland Fusiliers 3152  
Private Wills (Will) David L. Northumberland Fusiliers 755  
Private Johnson J. Northumberland Fusiliers 28171  
Private Ironside William Northumberland Fusiliers 2946  
Private Hodgkinson J. Northumberland Fusiliers 8081  
Private West W. South Staffordshire Regiment 9311  
Private Dryden T. South Staffordshire Regiment 7085  
Private Mulford G. York and Lancaster Regiment 1103  
Sergeant Smith H. East Yorkshire Regiment 9821  
Corporal Eaketts W. Gloucester Regiment 8096  
Corporal Brennen (Brennan) F. (Thomas ?) Connaught Rangers Regiment 8080  
Lance Corporal Caslin John Connaught Rangers Regiment 10523  
Corporal Gilbert J. Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 10400  
Sergeant Lewis W.J. Canadian Infantry 7935  
Private Himes Alanson Canadian Infantry 16900  
Lance Corporal Sutherns E. (Bernard Williams ?) Canadian Infantry 17172  
Lance Sergeant Smith H. Canadian Infantry 27540  
Corporal Lee H. Canadian Infantry 27630  
Corporal Insley L. Canadian Infantry 73369  
Corporal Menard R. Canadian Infantry 61272  
Corporal Hockley Charles William Canadian Mounted Rifles 109398  
Private Wallace G. Canadian Mounted Rifles 109657  
Private Wheeler N. Canadian Mounted Rifles 109673  
Corporal Waltke H. Australian Imperial Force 420  
Corporal Stuart W. Australian Imperial Force 3226  
Lance Corporal Thomas Stanley Australian Imperial Force 6035  
Corporal Skelley James Australian Imperial Force 3235a  
Sergeant Bowman David McQueen Australian Imperial Force 1715  
Corporal Austin D.N. (David Wilson ?) Australian Imperial Force 1652  
Private O’Sullivan P. Australian Imperial Force 6311  
Sergeant Purdon A. Australian Imperial Force 1026  
Corporal Austin M. Australian Imperial Force 3230  
Private Phillips Leslie Gordon Australian Imperial Force 3923  
Company Sergeant Major Sherlock W. South African Army Infantry 2639  
Sergeant Prince H. South African Army Infantry 6177  
Sergeant Mortimer E. South African Army Infantry 941  
Private Milligan R. South African Army Infantry 2385  
Rifleman Loftus Norman King’s Royal Rifle Corps 9110  
Lance Corporal Trigger Alexander King’s Royal Rifle Corps 5102  
Corporal Shorney Henry King’s Royal Rifle Corps 5276  
Corporal Keohane John F. King’s Royal Rifle Corps 9900  
Corporal Naylor William H. King’s Royal Rifle Corps 9424  
Acting Corporal Harris Jack Rifle Brigade 2958  
Corporal James Thomas Rifle Brigade 3641  
Lance Corporal Langley W. Rifle Brigade 12541  
Sergeant Stannard Frank Rifle Brigade 1927  
Acting Corporal Groome William T. Rifle Brigade 1151  
Lance Corporal Ferris S. Canadian Infantry 839  
Company Sergeant Major Nurdin William Stephen Wiltshire Regiment 5792  
Private Taylor G. Wiltshire Regiment 8243  
Lance Corporal Chargo Francis Wiltshire Regiment 8810  
Lance Sergeant Edwards Albert Wiltshire Regiment 8226  
Private Kensey Arthur J. Wiltshire Regiment 5186  
Private Uphill A. (Hector ?) Wiltshire Regiment 9912  
Lance Corporal Satchell R. D. Wiltshire Regiment 8472  
Lance Corporal Cade Edwin P. Wiltshire Regiment 8348  
Private Collins Frederick Wiltshire Regiment 8677  
Lance Corporal Farnham F. (Joseph G. ?) Wiltshire Regiment 7532  
Lance Corporal Morrison P. Royal Munster Fusiliers 10026  
Sergeant Meara F. Royal Munster Fusiliers 6731  
Sergeant Lightfoot J. Royal Munster Fusiliers 8133  
Sergeant Commene (Commane) D. Royal Munster Fusiliers 5639  
Private Driscoll I. (Thomas ?) Royal Munster Fusiliers 8064  
Sergeant Kehoe E. (Patrick J. ?) Royal Dublin Fusiliers 10649  
Corporal Clancy E. (J. ?) Royal Dublin Fusiliers 13384  
Lance Corporal Dinneen Edward Royal Dublin Fusiliers 19683  
Lance Corporal Thomas S. Royal Dublin Fusiliers 10277  
Sergeant Nolan H. (Martin ?) Royal Dublin Fusiliers 6726  
Private McDonald Christopher Royal Dublin Fusiliers 11665  
Rifleman Thorpe John Royal Irish Rifles 8044  
Lance Corporal Ward Arthur Royal Irish Rifles 7945  
Lance Corporal Gold David Royal Irish Rifles 17726  
Rifleman Lennox A. Royal Irish Rifles 6904  
Lance Corporal Morrison H. Royal Irish Rifles 6376  
Lance Corporal Whelan Maurice Royal Irish Regiment 8494  
Lance Corporal Deely T. Royal Irish Regiment 6078  
Corporal Joslin Raymond S. Royal Irish Regiment 10386  
Lance Corporal O’Hara Harvey B. Royal Irish Regiment 8261  
Corporal Clooney T. Royal Irish Regiment 5316  
Corporal Sullivan H. (Martin ?) Royal Irish Regiment 6498  
Lance Corporal Waters Richard Royal Irish Regiment 7289  
Corporal O’Brien W. Royal Irish Regiment 4063  
Lance Sergeant Cooke W. Royal Irish Regiment 9909  
Sergeant Lane A. Royal Warwickshire Regiment 7947  
Corporal Webb F. Royal Warwickshire Regiment 3472  
Lance Corporal Evans W. Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1195  
Lance Corporal Casey W. Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1214  
Private Butler G. Royal Warwickshire Regiment 9056  
Lance Corporal Preston G. Royal Irish Fusiliers 6041  
Private Patterson H. Royal Irish Fusiliers 6566  
Corporal Muir G. Royal Warwickshire Regiment 5678  
Corporal Green G. Wiltshire Regiment 8779  
Corporal Dalton E. Royal Irish Rifles 8888  
Private Cotne Thomas Royal Dublin Fusiliers 16784  
Sergeant King W. East Surrey Regiment 2049  
Corporal Besle J. East Surrey Regiment 4280  
Sergeant Ward F. Liverpool Regiment 22567  
Sergeant Wills J. Devon Regiment 10959  
Sergeant Sandford J. Machine Gun Corps 28858  
Sergeant McMeneney (Menemy) John Royal Irish Fusiliers 15879  
Sergeant Rimmer   Welch Regiment 8813  
Lance Sergeant Palmer Albert Worcester Regiment 12353  
Sergeant Bishop William Royal Berkshire Regiment 8063  
Sergeant Keeping   Royal Berkshire Regiment 1309  
Sergeant Sherwood   Royal Berkshire Regiment 8424  
Sergeant Ford Walter V. (?) Somerset Light Infantry 7778  
Sergeant Howell Gilbert (?) Royal Sussex Regiment 273  
Sergeant Taylor   East Surrey Regiment 2379  
Sergeant Humphrey   Devon Regiment 8672  
Corporal Corby Charles T. London Regiment 2277  
Corporal Eberling (Ebeling) Albert London Regiment 1666  
Lance Corporal England   London Regiment 2456  
Lance Corporal West   London Regiment 4619  
Rifleman Potter Alfred Ed. London Regiment 2824  
Private Smithson George E. Border Regiment 21203  
Lance Corporal Gemmel W. (William ?) Border Regiment 10256  
Lance Corporal Lockerby   Border Regiment 10675  
Corporal Ledingham John Liverpool Regiment 28133  
Corporal Enright Herbert Liverpool Regiment 21768  
Corporal Davies William South Wales Borderers 11006  
Corporal Mahoney Oscar South Wales Borderers 9987  
Lance Corporal Jones   South Wales Borderers 19191  
Corporal Robinson Arthur E. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 13148  
Lance Corporal Wright   Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 9775  
Lance Corporal Faulkner   Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 10472  
Lance Corporal Totterdell William Monmouth Regiment 2046  
Rifleman Harris   Monmouth Regiment 2739  
Rifleman Kear   Monmouth Regiment 1534  
Corporal Males Stanley Bedfordshire Regiment 9800  
Lance corporal Morgan John F. Bedfordshire Regiment 8106  
Lance Corporal Stringer George Bedfordshire Regiment 9410  
Private Bolger William East Lancashire Regiment 8831  
Corporal Whittam   Lancashire Fusiliers 10394  
Lance Corporal Baggs (Bagg) William Royal Berkshire Regiment 12311  
Corporal Barker   Royal Berkshire Regiment 13414  
Corporal Purbrick   Royal Berkshire Regiment 8441  
Corporal Shaw Rupert S. Royal Berkshire Regiment 3135  
Lance Corporal Adams Isaac Royal Berkshire Regiment 9997  
Lance Corporal Croucher George J. Royal Berkshire Regiment 9185  
Lance Corporal Huxford Percy Royal Berkshire Regiment 15544  
Corporal Tucker   Royal Berkshire Regiment 10833  
Corporal Cobb Frederick Somerset Light Infantry 8609  
Corporal Heath Alfred Somerset Light Infantry 8346  
Corporal Collins   Somerset Light Infantry 9109  
Lance Corporal Heaseman   Somerset Light Infantry 17081  
Lance Corporal Boyd Samuel Royal Sussex Regiment 2441  
Corporal Cannon George Lancashire Fusiliers 1158  
Private Meader Henry W. East Surrey Regiment 22846  
Private Pettitt John Henry East Surrey Regiment 25748  
Private Wright   East Surrey Regiment 2898  
Corporal Horsley Frank Edward D. East Lancashire Regiment 10227  
Private Whiteside   East Lancashire Regiment 18222  
Lance Corporal Mason   East Lancashire Regiment 7899  
Lance Corporal Gee Frederick W. Royal Berkshire Regiment 2793  
Lance Corporal Cobley Fred Monmouth Regiment 777  
Corporal Condon   East Surrey Regiment 9953  
Private Sterne   East Surrey Regiment 4464  
Private Gravener   East Surrey Regiment 6534  
Lance Corporal Cowan Bertram H. London Regiment 2216  
Lance Corporal Woodland Edward F. London Regiment 2603  
Sergeant Davidson J. Border Regiment 8215  
Lance Corporal Edwards   South Wales Borderers 14799  
Corporal Dewyer (Dwyer ?) William P. (?) East Surrey Regiment 10319  
Lance Corporal Busby Jack Bedfordshire Regiment 16754  
Lance Corporal Robinson William (Robert ?) Lancashire Fusiliers 11561  
Private Knight Sam Royal Berkshire Regiment 6083  
Corporal Rowlands   Monmouth Regiment 1681  
Lance Corporal Eastham   East Lancashire Regiment 1483  
Corporal Moss   Welch Regiment 10374  
Corporal King   Royal Sussex Regiment 506  
Private Currey   East Surrey Regiment 1642  
Lance Corporal Powell   Monmouth Regiment 1948  
Company Sergeant Major Sullivan John Welch Regiment 14094  
Lance Sergeant Fenn Francis A. Royal Sussex Regiment 2040  
Lance Corporal Spicer   South Lancashire Regiment 7903  
Private King Frederick Leicester Regiment 7306  
Private Livesay Richard East Lancashire Regiment 20016  
Private Hodges   London Regiment 2001  
Private Sharp   Welch Regiment 9575  
Private Nutting   Worcester Regiment 12939  
Private Downs   Machine Gun Corps 67283