Warrant Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers and men who proceed to Leeuwarden, 14-10-1918

Regiment No. Rank Surname First Name Regiment Remarks
1952 Corporal Neill G. Duke of Wellington’s Regiment Waiter
9657 Sergeant Lent Arthur Yorkshire Regiment Police
7846 Sergeant Spencer C. Suffolk Regiment Gyms.
3257 Sergeant Baker A. Suffolk Regiment Gyms.
521 Company Sergeant Major Sproston Noel Middlesex Regiment Group Sergeant-Major
6854 Company Sergeant Major Dadswell F. (Thomas ?) Duke of Wellington’s Regiment Group Sergeant-Major
7807 Lance Sergeant Negus George Suffolk Regiment Office Clerk
10020 Lance Sergeant Tye W. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Pay Clerk
6296 Sergeant Wright John Cheshire Regiment  
10191 Lance Corporal Smith L. (Herbert ?) Cheshire Regiment  
6969 Private Morrison Edward Cheshire Regiment  
7783 Private Tomlinson G. Cheshire Regiment  
7942 Corporal Tatum H. Suffolk Regiment  
9021 Lance Corporal Palfrey Robert Suffolk Regiment  
6740 Corporal Simmonds P. Duke of Wellington’s Regiment  
7605 Private Brenen (Brennan ?) Joseph South Lancashire Regiment  
4241 Lance Corporal Wood J. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry  
7282 Corporal Shelton C. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Proceeded on 12-10
5241 Private Kirby F. Lincolnshire Regiment  
10025 Sergeant Aspey L. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry  
8538 Corporal Lemon H. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry  
7175 Private Eyre T. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry  
1926 Corporal Hanson D. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry  
2852 Private Gray D. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry  
9355 Sergeant Fish George Lincolnshire Regiment  
7632 Private Drake Alfred (?) Lincolnshire Regiment  
13180 Acting Corporal Olley William Lincolnshire Regiment  
240765 Rifleman McNamara John South Lancashire Regiment  
6480 Corporal Cook C. Cheshire Regiment  
8501 Lance Corporal Suttle S. Cheshire Regiment  
7799 Sergeant Mollineux L. Cheshire Regiment  
18412 Private Norman Charles Suffolk Regiment  
9830 Corporal Pinder W. Cheshire Regiment  
2077 Private Smith L. Middlesex Regiment  
7087 Corporal Hatfield S. Cheshire Regiment  
7651 Private Holden Benjamin Duke of Wellington’s Regiment  
324 Corporal Pemberton Albert South Lancashire Regiment  
7041 Corporal Carter W. Suffolk Regiment  
7807 Lance Corporal Wormstone   King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry  
10691 Lance Corporal Cheetham Thomas Cheshire Regiment  
15838 Corporal Dewer T. Cheshire Regiment  
9344 Corporal Reeves C. (?) Cheshire Regiment  
10817 Lance Corporal Taylor Georgie Middlesex Regiment  
10216 Private Thomson J. Cheshire Regiment  
7970 Corporal Cassell (Castle ?) John (?) Suffolk Regiment  
7828 Acting Corporal Wilson W. Cheshire Regiment  
8458 Private Holyoak Daniel Cheshire Regiment  
1409 Private Ahern Edward Middlesex Regiment  
10528 Private Dodsworth J. (Tom ?) Duke of Wellington’s Regiment  
10215 Corporal Duggan T. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry  
4732 Sergeant Burt W.J. (or W.G.) 18th Hussars Regiment Quarter Master Sergeant
3937 Sergeant Taylor F. 11th Hussars Regiment  
1746 Sergeant Topliffe G. Royal Air Force  
11183 Lance Sergeant Roxby T. 20th Hussars Regiment  
4593 Sergeant Preece J. 4th Hussars Regiment  
539 Farrier Sergeant Kennedy Alexander Michael (?) North Irish Horse Regiment  
28220 Corporal Humphrey (or Humpreys) Daniel Royal Engineers  
436634 Corporal Turton W. Royal Engineers  
41302 Bombardier Raines Henry Royal Field Artillery  
6540 Lance Corporal Lawty A. (Edwin ?) 2nd Dragoon Guards  
70712 Acting Bombardier Clarke H. Royal Field Artillery  
12309 Corporal Lindsay D. King’s Own Scottish Borderers  
11530 Lance Corporal Cairns George King’s Own Scottish Borderers  
11409 Private Gordon Norman King’s Own Scottish Borderers  
133 Sergeant Sutherland J. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Quartermaster’s Staff
8790 Corporal Holland J. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders  
8201 Lance Corporal Merryweather   Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders  
5913 Private Doyle John Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders  
7294 Company Sergeant Major Wilson James Liston Gordon Highlanders  
10364 Sergeant Anderson James Gordon Highlanders  
1368 Sergeant Donaldson Alexander Gordon Highlanders  
7585 Sergeant Lamont William Gordon Highlanders  
5603 Lance Sergeant Wright John W. Gordon Highlanders  
9601 Corporal Neilson Andrew Gordon Highlanders  
5536 corporal Nicholson Norman Gordon Highlanders  
4246 Lance Corporal O’Connor John (?) Gordon Highlanders  
1141 Lance Corporal Raurke (Rourke) Charles J. Gordon Highlanders  
693 Private Grant Robert Gordon Highlanders  
5330 Private Rennie J. Gordon Highlanders  
6110 Private Brown J. Cameron Highlanders  
7505 Private Dornan J. Cameron Highlanders  
5660 Private McCue J. Cameron Highlanders  
3791 Lance Corporal Reid William Seaforth Highlanders  
17544 Corporal Chalmers John D. Highland Light Infantry Quartermaster’s ??
11489 Lance Corporal Robertson J. Highland Light Infantry  
9904 Private Hutchins Frederick Highland Light Infantry Carpenter
11608 Private Carmichael D. Highland Light Infantry  
17880 Private McKinlay James Scots Rifles  
7109 Private Randall J. Scots Rifles  
3429 Sergeant Manson G. Black Watch Regiment  
4080 Private Gray W. Black Watch Regiment  
3479 Sergeant Crawley A. Royal East Kent Regiment  
201 Lance Corporal Green A. (Arthur ?) Royal East Kent Regiment  
724 Private Line W. Royal East Kent Regiment  
2135 Private Riley John Royal East Kent Regiment  
3444 Private Thompson W. J. Royal East Kent Regiment  
3280 Private Cox T. Royal East Kent Regiment  
10885 Lance Corporal Baker Reginald King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment  
10811 Lance Corporal Honnar (Bonner ?) James (?) King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment  
8969 Private Blundell Cuthbert King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment  
6616 Private Madden J. King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment  
10175 Private Motto A. King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment  
242331 Private Nicholls J. King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment  
7836 Private Wilson Alexander Kirk King’s Own Scottish Borderers  
9942 Lance Corporal White E. Royal East Kent Regiment  
446639 Sergeant McCann W. J. Canadian Infantry  
9741 Corporal Foster M. Canadian Infantry  
63207 Corporal Cody John Canadian Infantry  
876 Air Mechanic Chilton J.H. Royal Air Force  
67448 Gunner Miller J. Royal Air Force  
4452 Private Stephens William 9th Lancers  
270 Corporal Densham F. 5th Lancers  
9112 Corporal Taylor G. Royal Irish Rifles Waiter
8020 Private Hart   Royal Irish Fusiliers Carpenter
8125 Private Bennett Patrick Royal Irish Fusiliers do (?)
8178 Private Bennett Edward Royal Warwickshire Regiment Laundryman
2151 Corporal Lunn Sidney Royal Warwickshire Regiment Quarter Master Staff
10494 Private Ryan M. Royal Irish Regiment Gardener
5430 Sergeant Connolley E. Royal Dublin Fusiliers Market Gardener
8168 Lance Sergeant Coombs Alfred J. Wiltshire Regiment  
8572 Corporal Perry J. Wiltshire Regiment  
8410 Corporal Brown F. Wiltshire Regiment  
6513 Private Bartholomew Arthur Wiltshire Regiment  
8432 Lance Corporal Dowdall H. Wiltshire Regiment  
8865 Lance Corporal Rummings T. Wiltshire Regiment  
8178 Lance Corporal St. George S. Wiltshire Regiment  
8860 Lance Corporal Perritt H. Wiltshire Regiment  
7789 Private Mayhew J. Royal Munster Fusiliers  
9757 Lance Corporal O’Connor William Royal Munster Fusiliers  
7532 Sergeant Egan E. Royal Munster Fusiliers Orderly Room Clerk
4656 Sergeant Lahy J. Royal Munster Fusiliers  
6016 Private Moloney Patrick Royal Munster Fusiliers  
7713 Private McCann James Royal Munster Fusiliers  
11594 Private Mahon John Joseph Royal Dublin Fusiliers  
26430 Corporal McMahon H. (Jerome ?) Royal Dublin Fusiliers  
11488 Corporal O’Neill William Royal Dublin Fusiliers Pay Clerk
8646 Private Hart T. Royal Dublin Fusiliers  
10521 Private Hardy T. Royal Dublin Fusiliers  
26735 Private Daly William (Leo ?) Royal Dublin Fusiliers  
11574 Private Morris John Royal Dublin Fusiliers  
9211 Sergeant Burns S. (Patrick ?) Royal Irish Rifles  
7302 Sergeant Dologhan J. Royal Irish Rifles  
12143 Lance Corporal Spiers D. Royal Irish Rifles  
7570 Sergeant Kierman Michael Royal Irish Rifles  
3695 Rifleman Brown Robert Royal Irish Rifles  
6363 Rifleman Wheeler S. (?) H. (?) Royal Irish Rifles  
9549 Lance Corporal Layton Michael E. Royal Irish Regiment  
7606 Corporal Davis W. Royal Irish Regiment  
10442 Lance Corporal Reynolds George Royal Irish Regiment  
1742 Sergeant Low W. A. Royal Warwickshire Regiment  
2286 Corporal Chapman G. Royal Warwickshire Regiment  
7735 Corporal Butler H. Royal Warwickshire Regiment  
7533 Lance Corporal Gardner William Royal Warwickshire Regiment  
5250 Lance Corporal Wall M. Royal Irish Regiment  
3596 Private Donaghy James Royal Irish Regiment  
7954 Private Woods G. Royal Irish Regiment  
2027 Private Braby J. Royal Irish Fusiliers  
3171 Corporal Fagg A. Royal Warwickshire Regiment  
5883 Corporal Burns S. Royal Irish Rifles  
9797 Private Stubbs Thomas Royal Warwickshire Regiment  
9400 Lance Corporal Dibben A. Hampshire Regiment (?)  
9109 Corporal Mason John Royal Munster Fusiliers  
11002 Sergeant Rew S. Royal Scots Regiment Quarter Master’s Staff
11317 Sergeant Stevenson D. Royal Scots Regiment  
15396 Sergeant Watson Charles Royal Scots Regiment  
3496 Corporal Charlesworth J. Royal Scots Regiment  
23163 Lance Corporal Bowles H. Royal Scots Regiment  
15394 Lance Corporal Inglis C. Royal Scots Regiment  
6701 Private Brown Samuel Royal Scots Regiment  
33013 Private McKay W. Royal Scots Regiment  
12064 Sergeant Morton J. Royal Scots Fusiliers Postman
11291 Sergeant Price John Royal Scots Fusiliers  
10609 Corporal Ricketts Sam J. Royal Scots Fusiliers Chiropodist
7748 Private Chatterton James E. Royal Scots Fusiliers  
9956 Private Powell Thomas Royal Scots Fusiliers  
10647 Private Scallow J. Royal Scots Fusiliers  
7896 Private Smith J. Royal Scots Fusiliers Policeman